This is a delicious cocktail – a combination of sangrita (the spicy chaser served with shots of Tequila) and Mezcal (Tequila’s earthier cousin). The base is Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s sangrita recipe, so make some of that first:


Mix together:

4 oz freshly squeezed orange juice
4 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
2 oz homemade pomegranite grenadine (see note)
12 dashes Louisiana Hot Sauce

Fill a 10 oz. highball glass with ice. Add 3 oz. Sangrita, a jigger of Mezcal. Stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and serve.

Note: Make your own Grenadine by simmering 16 oz of pure Pomegranite juice until reduced by half. Add 1 cup sugar and heat just until the sugar is dissolved. Keeps in the refrigerator, in a tightly capped jar, indefinitely.

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